Wedding Ceremony Entertainment Ideas

It’s the reason everyone has travelled half way across the country, bought new dresses and booked hotel rooms! The wedding ceremony is without doubt one of the most important parts of your day. This is where wedding ceremony entertainment ideas come in. It can really help lighten the mood, relieve the tension and keep the kids quiet!

You would generally start your entertainment 30 minutes before your ceremony itself to entertain guests as they arrive. The musicians will also be able to perform your chosen song as you walk down the aisle, plus music during the signing of the register and as you and your guests are leaving.

There are lots of different styles of music and instruments ensembles to choose from, these are some of the most popular wedding ceremony entertainment ideas.


A harpist will help create a romantic feel to the proceedings. It’s beautiful subtle sound will soothe your guests whilst its elegant form will provide a visual feature. When booking your harpist it is worth taking a note of their repertoire as many can perform contemporary songs as well as classical.

String Quartet

If you are looking an elegant classical feel but with a little more oomph then a string quartet would be perfect. Usually made up of 2 violas, a violin and a cello, they can also perform a large repertoire of music and often learn requests for a small extra fee.


Booking a saxophonist for your wedding ceremony would bring smooth jazz sounds which will certainly create a more relaxed feeling amongst your guests. Saxophonists are extremely popular at the moment due to their versatility as they can perform solo or to backing tracks depending on the style and sound you are looking for.


There are lots of different styles of pianists to choose from including classical, jazz and popular.  Many will perform a mix of lots of different genres of music and some will also include vocals. If there is a working tuned piano at the venue they will use this or they can bring along their own electric piano.


The sound of a modern soul and gospel choir is guaranteed to lift the atmosphere at your ceremony. Their powerful soul-filled voices and dynamic gospel sound is infectious and will make such an important occasion even more memorable.
Depending on the type of choir, they will often perfect for both religious and civil weddings and they have a varied set list, which includes love songs, gospel hymns and soul and Motown classics.


You can chose from a number of different styles of guitarists including classical, contemporary. Flamenco, singer guitarists… It all depends on your theme and the type of atmosphere you are trying to create.  A flamenco guitarist can heighten the anticipation and bring out a very passionate response from your guests. If you are looking to create a more contemporary feel then a singer guitarist can provide a more ‘live lounge’ acoustic take on your chosen music.

Classical singer

A classical singer will create a real impact during your ceremony, as they will leave your guests spellbound with their angelic, crystalline voice. Again they can be extremely versatile and perform on their own, to backing tracks or alongside other musicians such as a harpist or string quartet to really add that special touch.


If you would like to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your ceremony but your budget won’t stretch to a full quartet then booking a solo violinist can be the perfect option. Many will often perform acoustically, but some can play an electric instrument if you would like to add a more contemporary twist.


The flute has the perfect magical and whimsical tone, which will really help create that fairytale moment. Again they can be extremely versatile and often perform alongside other musicians to provide a truly beautiful sound.

So there you have it – lots of fabulous ideas to start your special day off in the style it deserves. A top tip here would be to book your act for the ceremony through to the drinks reception too as it will save on costs!

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