How to film your own wedding (properly)

How to film your own wedding properlyHanding cameras out to your guests and then trusting them to film your big day properly can be daunting and this sometimes makes people think twice about DIY wedding videos! But you only have to look at the amazing results we are able to produce to see that it is perfectly possible to make a beautiful wedding video with the footage your friends and relatives shoot! Here’s some advice on how to film your own wedding properly. When we send out the cameras, we always include enough “Tips & Tricks” cards for all of your new videographers. These have lots of simple advice on how to film your own wedding properly and shoot brilliant footage that we can really use in your video. Below, you can read about the advice we provide along with a bit more info on why it is so important to follow this advice. Of course, it’s important to pick people you can trust to do the filming, but you would also be amazed at what we can do with the footage even when no one has followed the advice! If you have any questions about any of this, or you would like to see a full video, please just give us a shout via the contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours! Here are our main tips…
1. Hold the Cameras Horizontally THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! You need to hold the cameras sideways (as per the sticker on the camera) otherwise the footage will be a vertical strip in the middle of your TV and therefore unusable. TV’s need a landscape picture. If you give them a portrait picture we will not be able to use the footage. HOLD YOUR CAMERA SIDEWAYS!!!!! There is a very simple sticker on the cameras to remind people, so this doesn’t happen too often.
2. Check your cameras are working
As soon as your cameras arrive in the post, make sure that they are working.There shouldn’t be any problems as we check them before dispatching. If you check them on the day of arrival it will give us a chance to get a replacement out to you in time! We always send them so that they reach you 3 days before your wedding and this is why!
3. Charging your cameras
Your cameras will come fully charged. If you do find that you want to give them an extra charge throughout the wedding day you can plug them into any USB point (Computer/Laptop). Just flip out the USB arm and plug in – no cables needed!
4. Low Light These cameras work better when there is enough light around. Try to stick to finding the light! If it looks too dark on the screen, then the video will turn out too dark. This can sometimes be a problem during the dancing. Perhaps ask the DJ for a bit more light or just try and stick to filming the areas that are better lit.
5. Keeping The Shot Steady (The 6 Second Rule)
Try to keep each shot as steady as possible and hold the camera in 1 position for at least 6 seconds before changing position. Allow your subjects to move within the frame, rather than just waving the camera around and trying to film everything that moves. Nice static shots that hold for AT LEAST 6 seconds are ideal for editing purposes. 6. Dont change the settings
The settings on the cameras are optimised for our requirements when we edit. Please do not change these settings as it may have an impact on the quality of your final video. The only buttons you should need to press are the Power Button and the Record Button. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions on how to operate the cameras. 7. Shoot the details
Try to shoot as many detail shots as possible ie: Brides Shoes, Table Decorations, Wedding cake etc. The more interesting shots you get… the prettier your wedding video will be! And don’t forget to hold the shot still for at least 6 seconds on each item! 8. Don’t forget to film the bride and groom!!
This one may sound silly but you would be amazed how many people forget to take lots of video of the Bride & Groom. Perhaps they feel in the way or simply get carried away videoing their other friends. Who knows?! To get a really great wedding video, we must have lots of coverage of the happy couple! Please don’t forget! 9. Don’t cover the microphone
There is a small microphone on the front of the camera (the same side as the lens). Make sure you don’t cover it with your finger, especially for speeches and the ceremony. If you do then the sound may be unusable and we won’t be able to use the footage. 10. Get mini Interviews
Try to get mini interviews of various people throughout the day. The cameras record audio so try to get key people to talk about the day and what they are up to. Ask them if they are having a nice day and get them to say some congratulations messages to the happy couple. Like a video version of a guestbook! 11. Avoid shooting too much of the same thing
Try to capture highlights of the day rather than using up all of the memory with one thing. You ideally want clips throughout the whole day. Key moments like the first dance, cutting of the cake etc are all brilliant to have. 12. Recorded delivery return postage
When returning the cameras, make sure to send them recorded delivery. They will be full of all of your memories so we wouldn’t want them getting lost in the post.
If you have any more questions about how to film your own wedding properly, then leave a comment below or send us an email! We’re always happy to chat 🙂

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