Cheaper ways to capture memories of your wedding

Are you looking for some cheaper ways to capture memories of your wedding day? We all know that wedding photography and videography are incredibly expensive items to add to your wedding budget. Photographers can run into thousands if you want them to capture the entire day, videographers can be twice as much due to the time it takes to edit the footage and the fact that usually two or more people are required to do a decent job of producing a wedding video.

So, if you’re a couple on a budget and want some other fun ways to capture memories of your wedding day, then we have a few suggestions below.

Disposable Cameras

Place disposable camera’s on each wedding table and ask your guests to fill up the cameras with pictures from your special day. This way you can process the films and enjoy pictures from your guests perspectives. It’s a cool and quirky way to see your day from your guests points of view and costs very little compared to a professional photographer.


Create a dropbox where guests can send you their favorite photograph’s from the day digitally. You can use a free file transfer website like which allows your guests to place the files in a shared folder at a high resolution. This means you can then print the images yourself.

Drawing Table

Set up a drawing table for the children (and maybe the adults too!) and ask people to submit one drawing of their favorite memory from your day in to the drawing box. This will keep children and guests amused for hours and will also provide you with some creative memories of your day.

Mini Video Cameras

Create some fun with your guests and hire in some mini video camera’s to hand out. It’s a cheaper way to capture memories of your wedding without the huge cost of a videographer and this way your guests can join in the fun. We send out the cameras and edit your wedding video for an incredibly price! Check us out at Edit Your Wedding. You can find some frequently asked questions here: FAQ’s

Guest Book

Have a Guest Book at the entrance to your Wedding Reception Venue. This way your guests can write special messages to you, which you can show to friends and family in years to come.

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