Music on your wedding video

Can you choose the music on your wedding video? We get asked this a lot, so read on…

When you book your wedding video online, you can choose to either tell us about tracks you would like to use at the checkout stage *by writing the info in “Order Notes”) or you can choose to email us after the wedding (most people prefer to do this. We also include a music choices form in the box, so customers can fill that out and just leave it in the box when they send it back. There are lots of ways that customers can let us know what songs they would like to feature on their wedding videos.

We recommend that you give us around 3-4 songs. The length of the finished full length wedding video will depend entirely upon how much footage your guests have captured, but if 3 or 4 tracks will cover us for most eventualities. We don’t generally use music over the speeches or the ceremony (for obvious reasons), so 3-4 tracsk will easily cover us for all of the fun bits in between!

Some customers choose not to provide tracks, which is also absolutely fine. We have a large library of favourites we use. If this is the case, we will just pick something that we think fits the best and go with that! Whatever you choose, you will always have some music on your wedding video (unless you tell us otherwise).

We have a public spotify playlist that you might find helpful for inspiration! You can find that here. We add to this list regularly. In fact, if you have any great suggestions that we could add, then let us know! We’re always after new songs to use on your wedding video.

If you have any other questions about music or anything else, then give us a shout here

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