How much does a wedding video cost?

How much does a wedding video cost in the UK?

Hello, I’m Mark and I run Edit Your Wedding. We specialise in DIY wedding videos (we send cameras, guests film and we edit a finished film). I come from a background in wedding photography and videography, so I thought I would write a bit about the costs of wedding videos (primarily in the UK).

In the same vein as all areas of the wedding industry, wedding videographers are many and varied. The market is hugely saturated and there are large numbers of people who work as wedding videographers in the UK.

High End, cinematic wedding film makers:

The top end of the wedding video market is made up of highly professional film makers who create cinematic and often very beautiful wedding videos. There are even some offerings who shoot on film rather than digital (such as Shutterbox Films or Kaco Films). These companies often provide a crew of at least two or three experienced film makers. They ensure that the day is captured from multiple angles with high quality sound recorded. The latest equipment is used, including gimbals (camera stabilizers), drones, sliders and a variety of lenses.

high end wedding videos

As one might expect, the price tag for these cinematic wedding film companies can be very high. Think anywhere between £2,000 – £3,000, but there are teams that specialise in wealthy, high profile or destination weddings. The prices for these can be significantly higher. Prices will also be affected by number of hours filming, number of crew and location of wedding.

If you need reccomendations for companies that specialise in this kind of luxury wedding film, then give me a shout via the contact page. We still have several contacts from when we produced this kind of film a few years ago.

Mid range wedding videos:

This is obviously the biggest section of the market and as such the prices and the quality of the wedding films can vary widly. I’m not going to include examples here, because frankly I wouldn’t know where to begin due to the vast number of mid range wedding videos on offer in the UK. Having done a lot of research, I would estimate that prices generally vary from around £600 at the low end to £2500 on the high end. Again, these prices will vary depening on length of filming time and number of crew.

How much does a wedding video cost?

New videographers or budget companies:

If you type “affordable wedding video” into google you will get a massive haul of results. It would seem that you can engage a “wedding videographer” for as little as £350. This would get you coverage of the arrival, ceremony and guests mingling. You will see that the example on show are somwhat basic or old fashioned, but if you have a limited budget then you would at least have a memory of your day. You should check exactly what you get for the price. At Edit Your Wedding, we get many requests from couples who have used a low budget videographer and then need the footage editing to a higher standard.

DIY wedding videos:

Disclaimer coming! Edit Your Wedding is a DIY wedding video company, but it would seem remiss of me not to mention this when it comes to talking about how much a wedding video costs.

There are several DIY (shoot it yourself) wedding video services operating in the UK. The basic concept is that wedding couples receive video cameras before their wedding day and then guests film the big day from start to finish. They send the cameras back at the company edits the wedding film. The cameras come in a variety of types and the end results seem to vary somewhat. The lowest cost of these type of packages is around £200 and the price increases for 4K cameras, more cameras and length of edited video. This is certainly the most affordable way to get a wedding video. Although wedding couples shouldn’t expect a cinematic masterpiece, it is certainly a fun way to capture a moving memory of your big day, which is way better than not having one at all.

Here’s a list of DIY wedding video companies as it’s a fair assumption that if you’ve arrived here it’s because you are concerned about the cost of wedding videos.

Edit Your Wedding

Shoot It Yourself

Friends Film It

So, how much does a wedding video cost? If you have any questions about DIY wedding videos or general queries about how much a wedding video costs, then leave a comment below or send us an email through the contact page!

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