How to film your wedding like a Pro!

To achieve the best possible results for your wedding video, ask your friends to view our brief tutorial video on our website. Having done this, if you would like to learn a little more, here are some pointers.

Light and windows

When inside, avoid shooting towards windows because the contrast will make your subject look very dark. Move to one side to reduce the background light or alter the shot to remove as much window as possible. Try to keep any light source behind you. 


Make sure at least one camera is close to the sound source. Or place a mobile phone on the table to record. You could email us the file afterwards and we can use the phone sound file in the edit. When holding be careful not to cover the mic. 

Positioning your camera friends

The bride and groom will enter the room or church from outside the area. Place one camera outside the room or church, one camera along the isle and a third behind the registrar or vicar. Then once the ceremony begins quietly move the other cameras to better positions. Be ready again at the end of the ceremony to capture the bride and groom leaving. Try to avoid sitting in the main congregation, but find a good position. You might ask the registrar for permission. 

Key moments  
Plan ahead and ensure that your cameras capture the key moments. Get your cameras in the right place at the right time. Its only going to happen once! 

Multi camera

You have several cameras. There is no point if they all shoot the same from the same angle.  For example if the best man is making a speech. Have one camera shoot a closeup, one a wide shot and a third on different shots of the guests. Get up as close as possible. 

General Views (GVs)

Make sure you obtain plenty of additional footage. Bride & Groom getting ready, Arriving in car, Wedding cake, first dance etc.  


It can be tiring to hold a camera throughout a speech or ceremony, so find a place to put it or use a tripod. We can suggest suitable models. 

Our cameras are super simple to use and the 4K cameras are stabilised, which means that even people with no experience of filming can capture great, professional looking footage. Find out more about Edit Your Wedding by going to our FAQ page or send us a message via the contact page!

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