New Add-Ons for 2022

Exciting times at Edit Your Wedding HQ! We’ve just released three new add-ons for our 4K DIY Wedding Video packages. These come very much under the category of “not strictly necessary, but might be fun!”

Honeymoon Package:

Our most exciting add-on… the honeymoon package. After your wedding, hold onto one of your cameras and take it with you on your honeymoon. We will then edit a honeymoon video for you, which will be added to your full film and will also be a separate film which you will be able to view in your client area alongside your other videos. We enclose a separate mailer bag in the box which will allow you to send the honeymoon camera back at a later date. At only £200 this is a great value way to share (make jealous) your honeymoon with your family & friends. You can book the honeymoon package at any point, either at the same time as you book the cameras or at any time before the wedding.

Sound Recorder:

Your 4K cameras will do a good job of recording sound at your wedding, especially if they are close enough to the action. But if you are worried about the sound quality or you just want more professional feel to the sound editing on your video, you can add this sound recorder to your package.

Record great quality sound from the speeches and ceremony at your wedding using this small and easy to use sound recorder. We will then sync the audio with the sound from your cameras which will help create a more professional edit of your speeches and ceremony.

Send us additional footage:

Occasionally your guests might capture moments on their mobile phones that aren’t on the cameras. If this is the case, you can use this add-on to send us that footage via an upload link. You can purchase this add-on before or after the wedding. You can send us up to 20GB of additional footage.

As always, if you have any questions then do feel free to give us a shout via the contact page 🙂

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