How we create your 4K wedding video

The cake has been cut, the speeches have been made, the dancing has been done. Now the team at Edit Your Wedding begin the process of editing together a beautiful, personal, and sometimes hilarious 4k wedding videos. This is a time consuming process, but we have the right people for the job!

To begin with, all of the footage gets backed up in multiple locations (hard drives), keeping your footage 100% secure before the project is assigned to one of our experienced video editors. Then, the editor begins to put the events of the day in order. Music plays a key role in this process, so ensuring that your song selections contain a good mix of upbeat numbers as well as slower ballads will mean a nice variety of rhythm in the final 4k wedding video.

Our editors work on professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Da Vinci Resolve in order to give your wedding film a professional feel. Sound is a key component of the editing process, and so it is important that your guests follow the Tips & Tricks card. Try not to cover the camera’s microphones with your hands when recording! You can also get a sound recorder add-on, which can help improve the audio during speeches and ceremony.

Once the film is complete, with a full audio and visual edit, transitions, music and slow motion where appropriate; it is then uploaded and sent to EYW HQ for review by Mark & Nigel. The editor will then make tweaks and changes based on our notes, before the final cut is uploaded using the Vidflow system, ready to be viewed and downloaded by you and your loved ones!

If you want to know any more about the process we use to create your 4k wedding video or just want to say hello, then feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

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