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17th December 2018 0

We are pleased to announce that EYW Pro is here! The concept is the same, the cameras are cutting edge. New customers will receive 3 x Fully Stabilised 4K cameras, which will give super smooth, hi resolution footage and give their wedding videos a more professional edge – even in shaky hands!

For just £649 you can hire 3 of these amazing cameras, shoot all day long, capture everything from prep to partying and let us do the rest. We’ll take your footage and turn it into a full length wedding video and also provide links to the original footage, all via a hand client poage on our website!

Book your cameras here!

8th May 2018 0

Check out these lovely highlights from Kim & Josh’s wedding! This is just a short highlights reel, the actual length of your finished video would generally be much longer than this. For more info, go to our main site (edityourwedding.com)!

6th April 2018 0

This is a topic that comes up a lot in discussions with wedding couples, families and friends. Once your wedding budget starts to take shape and you account for the dress, the cake, the venue, flowers, DJ, food, drink and photographer many people find that the idea of a videographer for their wedding is a step too far.

However, in a recent survey, 90% of brides surveyed said that their wedding should be filmed. Of the 90% who said this, only 29% of them had their own weddings filmed. That means many of these brides regret not having their own wedding videos.

The reason that wedding videos are so expensive is that the production of a wedding video is very time consuming for the videographer. The day of the shoot is long and filming video properly usually requires more than one camera person. Sound has to be properly recorded (not the case with stills photography) and if this is overlooked, the whole video can be ruined. Shooting video also uses up much more digital storage and battery power, so more equipment and hard drives are needed. And then theres the post production. Most stills photographers can generally process and deliver your photographs in around 1-2 days (although most will spead this out over a few weeks). The editing of a wedding video can take weeks and is very time intensive, not to mention computer intensive. All of these elements contrinute to the reason that wedding videography is very expensive.

Although Edit Your Wedding is all about providing a videography service to people that can’t afford a videographer, I’m going to do my best not to make this post an advert for our wedding videos! There are other options when it comes to wedding videos for a lower price and I’m planning to list them below.

1 – Don’t have a wedding video! This may not seem like a good answer to people looking at this post, but the fact is that if you don’t have the money for a video, then a good stills photographer should be able to capture the emotion and feelings of the day in their images and hopefully this will be enough to remind you of your day.

2 – Ask a friend or relative to do it for you. This is a big risk if you have decided that you definately want a wedding video as they may not really have the expertise or equipment to do the job properly. They will most likely run out of memory cards or batteries or simply get bored after a while, whoch could mean you end up with only half a wedding video!

3 – DIY Wedding Video. There are a number of companies in the wedding market that now offer a service wherby you are sent a varying number of video cameras to hand out to your guests, who film your day. You then send the cameras back and the company edits the footage together for you. These services range in price but are generally a lot more affordable than having an actual videographer. The results tend to be fun and give a real feeling of your day. Whilst not professional in terms of photography, the editors can usually turn the footage on the cameras into a lovely video. Most companies also send out tips and tricks or make tutorial videos that you can show to your filming friends, which helps them understand how to make the most out of the cameras. A few of the companies we know about are listed below here:

Edit Your Wedding

Shoot It Yourself

Friends Film It

You Do The Shoot

Shoot It Your Way

We hope this helps a bit – it can be a very difficult decision for couples when their wedding has to be kept to a budget, but the companies above do give you a memory of your day and for a fraction of the price.

3rd April 2018 0

Hi All,


Here’s a short highlight reel from Nicky & Heather’s wedding video! We pubish these short versions of our wedding videos to give potential customers and idea of what they will get. These highlight reels are usually only a few minutes long. The actual videos depend to last at least 45 minutes, although this depends on the quality of the footage shot by the wedding guests! Hope you enjoy this one!

Nicky Chandler Highlights from Edit Your Wedding on Vimeo.


1st April 2018 0

We often get asked about the cameras we send out to our customers, so here is a bit of info about them!

They are called Sony Bloggie’s and are small (mobile phone size) HD camcorders that can fit into a pocket or handbag (perfect for weddings) and shoot up to 2 hours of HD video, so that your wedding guests can capture your whole day including the ceremony & speeches. See below for some technical stuff!

Key specs Sony Bloggie Touch
Dimensions (HWD) 4.3×2.2×1.2 inches
Weight (with battery and media) 4.4 ounces
Storage capacity, type TS10, 4GB; TS20, 8GB/internal flash memory
Resolution, sensor size, type 12 megapixels, 1/2.5-inch CMOS
LCD size, resolution 3-inch touch-screen LCD, 288K dots
Lens Fixed focal length, f2.8 37mm (35mm equivalent)
File format (video, audio) H.264 video, stereo AAC audio (MP4)
Resolution (highest) 1920×1080 pixels at 30fps (13Mbps; progressive)
Image stabilization type Electronic
Battery type, rated life Built-in lithium ion rechargeable, 70 minutes

30th March 2018 0

We’re running a spring promotion! If ou use code SPRING30 at checkout, then you will be able to get £30 of all of our wedding video packages. This makes our wedding video solution one of the most affordable, fun and easy ways to get a wedding video without the need for booking an expensive wedding videographer. Your friends film you big day and we edit the footage. So simple. And you can also pay using instalments!

23rd August 2017 0

Hi All!

We’re running a last minute summer promotion until the end of August! Just use the coupon code SUMMER15 when you checkout on our website and you will get 15% off any of our packages, including our instalment packages, which allow you to pay using 10 x Monthly Instalments. Be quick!