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17th December 2018 0

We are very pleased to announce that EYW Pro is here! The concept is the same, the cameras are cutting edge. New customers will receive 3 x Fully Stabilised 4K cameras, which will give super smooth, hi resolution footage and give their wedding videos a more professional edge – even in shaky hands!

For just £649 you can hire 3 of these amazing cameras, shoot all day long, capture everything from prep to partying and let us do the rest. We’ll take your footage and turn it into a full length wedding video and also provide links to the original footage, all via a hand client poage on our website!

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8th May 2018 0

Check out these lovely highlights from Kim & Josh’s wedding! This is just a short highlights reel, the actual length of your finished video would generally be much longer than this. For more info, go to our main site (edityourwedding.com)!

3rd April 2018 0

Hi All,


Here’s a short highlight reel from Nicky & Heather’s wedding video! We pubish these short versions of our wedding videos to give potential customers and idea of what they will get. These highlight reels are usually only a few minutes long. The actual videos depend to last at least 45 minutes, although this depends on the quality of the footage shot by the wedding guests! Hope you enjoy this one!

Nicky Chandler Highlights from Edit Your Wedding on Vimeo.


8th August 2017 0

We’ve recently added a few new highlight videos to our website. Toni & Luke + Steve & Charlie! Do take a look below. These are just a few minutes long, but your video should be much longer. Most we produce are around 30-40 minutes long, but it obviously depends on the quality of the footage we receive! Make sure you pick your most trusted friends and family to film your wedding! We can create really lovely weddings with enough nice material… Please take a look below and also at our highlights page to see more.

6th May 2016 0

IMG_2803Handing cameras out to your guests and then trusting them to film your big day properly can be daunting and this sometimes makes people think twice about DIY wedding videos! But you only have to look at the amazing results we are able to produce to see that it is perfectly possible to make a beautiful wedding video with the footage your friends and relatives shoot!

When we send out the cameras, we always include enough “Tips & Tricks” cards for all of your new videographers. These have lots of simple advice on how to shoot brilliant footage that we can really use in your video.

Below, you can read about the advice we provide along with a bit more info on why it is so important to follow this advice. Of course, it’s important to pick people you can trust to do the filming, but you would also be amazed at what we can do with the footage even when no one has followed the advice!

If you have any questions about any of this, or you would like to see a full video, please just give us a shout via the contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Here are our main tips…