Welcome to Edit Your Wedding Destination Package

You have 2 x DJI Pocket 2 Cameras and 1 x DJI Action 4 Camera. The Pocket cameras are small handheld cameras with a gimbal built in, which reduces shake and vibrations allowing you to capture steady, professional looking footage. The Action camera can be used underwater and in more rugged environments and are also stabilised for rock steady action footage. They shoot 4K video, which will look great on a large screen.

They are incredibly simple to use in their most basic form. You just use the power button to switch them on and off and the red button to start and stop recording.

Here is a link to our tips and tricks document, which you will also find enclosed in the box with the cameras. Please give this to your filming friends. It will help them to capture more professional looking footage that we can use in your final film.


If you feel like getting more advanced with the pocket cameras then please watch the videos below to find out more about the basic and advanced features of these amazing little cameras.

You can also find the user manuals for both types of cameras here:



Below, you can also find some more info about the amazing DJI Osmo Action Camera!