• 3 x Stabilized Handheld 4K video cameras,
  • 3 x Tips & Tricks Cards
  • Full length Edited Video
  • Original Footage on USB Stick

Product Description

Welcome to Edit Your Wedding Pro! – Add a professional touch to your wedding video

How does this work? It’s really simple actually. You purchase our wedding package online. We then send you 3 x Fully Stabilized Cameras 3 days before your big day, along with some instructions and tips on making your video great. Our new cameras are built around a stabilized gimbal, which allows your footage to be smooth and steady always! They also shoot 4K, so the videos will sparkle on a small or big screen.

You hand the cameras out to your friends and family and get them to film your big day… from the preparations through to the partying! Once you’ve recovered, you send us the cameras back and we edit a full length film and a highlights video. You can even choose your own music. We also send your original footage on a USB stick.