1. You are responsible for sending the cameras back in the same condition as you received them and informing us of any problems. We will send your cameras boxed and protected so that they arrive in good condition. We arrange for them to arrive 3 days before your big day so that you have them in plenty of time in case of any problems. You must check they are working properly and inform us of any problems before the wedding day, otherwise it will be too late. In the unlikely event of any damage (if one gets dropped or broken, or beer gets spilt on it) then you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the camera. This will not be more that £100 for an HD camera or £250 for a 4K camera.   2. We can only do our best with the video that you shoot… make it great! We are really good film and video editors and we can make lovely wedding videos, but it is highly dependent on the quality of the video footage that you send back to us on the cameras. Pick some sensible friends and get them to read the tips and tricks we send with the cameras. If you send us good footage, you will get a great video! If there is not enough usable footage then we will not be able to make a good quality final video. We cannot be held responsible for lack of footage on cameras. 3. Postage / Shipping We use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send the cameras to you. We aim to get the cameras to you 3 days before your wedding which allows for any problems. We ask that you pay to post the cameras back to us by the same method. This is the customers responsibility. Please ensure that you use recorded delivery and get a tracking number. Please mail the cameras back within 3 working days after the date of your wedding. If you are going on a honeymoon then please arrange for someone to mail them on your behalf. We cannot be held responsible for problems with postage when the cameras are returned. There is always a risk when using Royal Mail to send items and this risk is assumed by the customer.  4. Editing / Upload time. We aim to get your finished video edited and uploaded within 12-14 weeks, but if we are very busy then it may take a little longer. We never guarantee a delivery date for the video, but we very often get the video finished well before 12 weeks.   5. Storage of video files We always make multiple copies of your files when you send the cameras back. When we deliver the video to you, we allow you to download not only the edited version but also your original video files. We will also keep these files on our hard drives for 1 year after we deliver, but after that you will have the only copies of the files, so please consider making multiple copies or putting them onto DVD’s and keeping them somewhere safe. 1 year after the delivery of your video, the files and footage will be deleted from our hard drives.  7. Refunds If you pay in full and you cancel your order up to 6 months before your wedding, then we will issue a 100% refund, but after 6 months we will issue a 70% refund. If you cancel with less than 3 weeks before your wedding then we will be unable to issue a refund. If you paid with a 30% deposit then the deposit is refundable up to 6 months before the wedding but non-refundable after 6 months before the wedding. 8. Footage won’t be sent until all cameras are returned in good order It is your responsibility to get the cameras back to us in the same condition they have been sent. We reserve the right to refrain from sending finished videos until this has been done. 9. Rights of use We retain the right to use the footage from your delivered video on our website and for promotional purposes. Obviously we will use discretion regarding this and would never publicly display any controversial material. If there are clips or parts of the footage you do not want to be public, then you have the right to let us know and we will respect that fully. 10. Re-editing We can’t re-edit or make big changes to your edited video once we have delivered it. The time / workload involved and the low price we charge only allows for one version, so if you have any notes or particular requests relating to the editing of your video, then please ensure you tell us when you send the cameras back