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Covid-19 - Can I change the date of my booking?

Yes, absolutely. Just send us an email and we will happily change your booking to any date you require. Stay safe.



How does this all work then?

It’s really easy. You purchase one of our wedding video packages online, we then send you 3-6 HD or 4K video cameras 3 days before your wedding day, along with some instructions and tips on getting great footage. You hand the cameras out to your friends and family and get them to film your big day… from the preparations through to the partying! Once you’ve recovered, you send the video cameras back and we edit a lovely wedding video. 

What are these 4K cameras like?

Our 4K Cameras are brand new Osmo Pocket cameras from DJI. They are stabilized using a gimbal, which means the the footage will be smooth and stable. They also shoot 4K, so the quality is higher. The wedding videos will look great when played on a large screen. They are also great in low light and super easy to use… power and record, that’s it. 

Do I pay a deposit or pay in full when booking?

You can chose to either pay in full or pay with a 30% deposit. If you chose to pay a 30% deposit at the time of booking then the final balance will be due 3 weeks before the wedding. You will get a reminder email which will contain a payment link. If you wish to pay the balance earlier then you can just log into your account and make the payment. 

Will my cameras come fully charged?

Yes, your cameras will be fully charged and formatted ready for use. You can find info on how to re-charge them in the tips and tricks info we send with the cameras.

What happens if we lose / damage the camera?

You have to pay for it, but don’t worry, they’re light and quite robust – it’s very rare that we have any problems like this. Also, if you lose one then you will obviously not have all the available footage in your video. We source the cameras from various suppliers, so the cost of a replacement can vary, but it won’t be more then £100 for an HD replacement camera or £300 for a 4K Camera Camera

Will I be able to get my original video footage?

Yes! Due to the large size of the 4K clips, you can choose to have the original footage sent to you on a hard drive. There is a small additional charge for this (£40) as we have to purchase a hard drive, but you don’t have to decide on that until after the wedding.

Will my wedding videos have music?

Yes, absolutely. You will be sent a link to a music request page so that you can tell us what music you would like on your video. You don’t have to do this until after the wedding. We also include a music request form in the box, so you can use that instead if you wish. 

What happens if my camera runs out of battery?

The 4K cameras come with a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB plug. The length of time the cameras batteries will last depends on the amount they are used, but you will probably need to charge them at some point througout the day if they are being used a lot.

What happens if one of my cameras doesn’t work?

Please check your cameras are working as soon as they arrive. This is why we send them 3 days early. If there is a problem at this point then we will send a replacement camera out to you. If you leave it until your big day before you check, then it will obviously be too late.

When do I have to send the cameras back?

We ask that you send the cameras back within a few working days after your wedding. If you are going on a honeymoon then please arrange for someone to mail them on your behalf. The return address will be specified in the email you receive once the cameras have been dispatched. Please send them back in their original packaging. If you are planning a destination wedding, then we can arrange for you to keep the cameras longer.

Can I get a refund?

If you pay in full and you cancel your order up to 6 months before your wedding, then we will issue a 100% refund, but after 6 months we will issue a 70% refund. If you cancel with less than 3 weeks before your wedding then we will be unable to issue a refund. If you paid with a 30% deposit then the deposit is refundable up to 6 months before the wedding but non-refundable after 6 months before the wedding. 

Can we send you other footage (from iPhones, cameras etc)?

We can accept a small amount of additional footage from phones as long as you send it before we start editing. We offer this in case a particular moment wasn’t captured on our cameras but one of your friends got it on their phone. However, we don’t accept large amounts of additional footage or footage from other cameras. Phones only. If you do have some additional footage, then just let us know and we will send you a file upload link. 

How long before my big day will I receive my Cameras?

We use Royal Mail tracked services for shipping. You will get tracking updates from Royal Mail. We ship them so that they arrive 3 days before your wedding day, which allows for any problems with postage or issues with any of the cameras. 

How long after the wedding will I get my video?

We aim to get your video done within 12 weeks, depending on our workload. However it is usually much sooner than that. 

How long will my wedding videos be?

That depends on you and your guests! If they fill all the cameras with loads of great footage and we have lots of material to choose from, then it could be over an hour in length. If the footage is limited, then the video will be shorter. Pick your most reliable friends!

Can you ship the cameras overseas?

No, you can take the cameras with you overseas on a destination wedding, but we don’t ship them overseas due to customs charges / brexit issues.

Can I take my cameras with me to a destination wedding?

Yes, absolutely – we are a very popular choice for destination weddings. We can be reasonably flexible with the dates (i.e you will be able to keep the cameras for longer), just put the dates in the order notes when you checkout or if you want to double check, then send us an email before you book. We charge a small additional fee (£40) due to the longer hire period, just tick the box in the product page. 

Will my wedding videos be beautiful and gorgeous?

We are very good at editing, but if the footage on the cameras is of very poor quality, then there is only so much we can do to make it gorgeous! Make sure you give your video friends the tips and tricks that we send along. The new 4K cameras make capturing bright and stable footage much easier fr people who don’t have any experience. 

How much footage can my cameras shoot?

The 4K cameras come with large capacity SD cards which are very unlikely to fill up (128GB per camera). You will be able to shoot up to 3 hours per camera, but this is more than you will ever need.

Will my wedding videos be available online?

Yes, we deliver your videos in a client gallery, in which you can watch both the full length and the highlights. The gallery also allows you to download the video files, share the videos with friends and even stream to most smart TV’s. 

How will you know the date of my wedding?

You have to enter your wedding date before you add the package to your basket

How long do you keep my wedding videos for?

We keep your original video files and your edited video files for 1 year after we deliver them. After 1 year the footage will be deleted from our servers and hard drives. 

Can I get my videos on a DVD?

Yes absolutely. DVD’s aren’t part of the Edit Your Wedding package but when we deliver the video (online version and download) we will ask you if you would like any DVD versions which cost £10 per copy. There will be an order link on the delivery email. 

Do you re-edit videos or make changes?

Not usually. Due to the time it takes to edit videos and then upload the finished products, we can’t then make changes once we have delivered the video. Customers can access all of their original footage also, so they will have all of their memories to keep, even if every shot isn’t in the edited video. In some circumstances, we can make quick alterations…. we will always try to help if we can. 

Do the cameras record sound?

Yes, the cameras all record sound. We will always include ceremony & speeches in your full length video assuming that they have been recorded. We recommend keeping at least one of the cameras close to the action so that we the sound is well recorded. 

Can I watch some full length videos?

Yes, absolutely. For privacy reasons we don’t display these on our website, but if you send us an email then we will happily provide you with examples of full length films.

What type of cameras do you use?

Our 4K Cameras are DJI Osmo Pocket Cameras.

Do yous send tripods with the cameras?

We don’t send tripods with the cameras due to size. The 4K cameras are stabilised and will look very steady even when held, but if you want to save your guests arms, then just send us a message and we can recommend some very cheap options from Amazon that will do the job 🙂

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